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We are dedicated to providing our best damp proofing to this specialist industry and our customers throughout Carlisle, Cumbria and Southern Scotland. Anything less than perfection just won't do, especially when it comes to professional damp proofing.

We are experienced with all kinds of specialist damp proof treatments, from flood damage to domestic home and commercial businesses, our professional damp proofing services range from DPC injection and SovDrain cavity membrane system which is ideal for both above and below ground situations. K11 tanking systems are highly successful in waterproofing above and below ground.

We offer our expert damp proofing services in Carlisle, Cumbria and the surrounding areas whatever the size of the work required.

We are proud of our comprehensive expert service. A thorough and professional damp proof survey will be carried out before every job and an exact specification will be made for every individual job and situation. Davidson's DPR get it right first time.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is best described as slow and upward movement of water, generally in the lower sections of walls and floor-based structures.  The movement occurs by capillary action (when liquid flows in narrow spaces and gaps without the assistance of gravity, hence why it can rise).  Rising damp is usually lower than 1.5 metres, however it can on rare occasions reach 5 metres in height depending on the cause and exact situation within your property.

The water travels upwards through porous materials such as brick, plaster and mortar.  It is usually identified by a visible 'tide mark' on the lower section of affected walls and areas.  This tide mark is caused by soluble salts contained and carried by the water as it travels - due to the process of evaporation, these salts build up at the peak height of the rising damp.

Expert damp proofing in Carlisle, Cumbria, Brampton, Cockermouth, Caldbeck and Whitehaven
Professional Damp proofing in Carlisle, Cumbria, Penrith, Wigton, Whitehaven, Workington
Specialist Damp Proofing in Carlisle, Wigton, Penrith, Caldbeck, Brampton, Cockermouth, Workington

Causes of Rising Damp

The main causes of rising damp are:

  • No existing damp proof course or failure of the damp proof course which was already installed
  • New plaster work may have bridged an existing damp proof course, allowing water to travel across
  • Rubble and waste build up inside the wall cavity
  • Penetrating damp problems within the property which have not been resolved, leading to rising damp in other areas
  • Poor air ventilation and/or circulation, causing condensation build up in affected areas
  • Leaking water or heating pipes within the property

Repairing and preventing rising damp

A number of expert methods are available to treat and prevent rising damp, with the most common being a new damp proof course using low pressure injection of a specialist treatment into the affected walls.  Once this process is complete, we will professionally re-plaster the walls which is an essential part of the process.

Where appropriate, we can also opt for K11 tanking which is brush applied to the walls when the low pressure DPC injection treatment is not suitable. We can also offer SovDrain cavity membrane.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is one of the most common damp problems in homes and buildings.  It can occur for many reasons, through walls, roofing or openings such as windows and doors.  It can result in visible damp and wet patches on walls and black mould on walls and ceilings.  Plaster and paint may blister and overall there may be a musty smell to the affected room(s).

Specialist Repair penetrating damp problems in Carlisle, Penrith, Brampton, Cockermouth
Penetrating professional damp repair services in Wigton, Caldbeck, Whitehaven from Davidson's DPR
Specialist Damp Proofing in Carlisle, Cumbria, workington from Davidson's DPR

Water penetrates through the outside of a property to appear inside, and common defects that cause penetrating damp include:

  • Roof problems and faults including damaged or missing flashing, cracked or mossing roof tiles and damaged or missing render
  • Faulty brickwork or masonry which may be because of missing or cracked pointing and porous bricks or stonework
  • Poorly applied or missing/cracked mastic (sealant) around window and door frames
  • Blocked weep holes
  • Missing or damaged cavity wall trays

Whilst penetrating damp is more common in areas with single-skin walls, it can also occur in cavity walls if water finds a way to track across wall ties or is rubble builds up inside the wall cavity.

Resolving and treating penetrating damp

The most common treatment for penetrating damp is to first address all of the reasons for the damp getting in to your property in the first place.  From there we offer the K11 tanking system where the affected areas are treated with appropriate chemicals to form a water proof barrier to prevent any future penetrating damp problems returning. SovDrain cavity membrane is also a great way to stop penetrating damp every system has its place and is more suitable for certain situations which is why we offer them all.

Condensation Control

Condensation is perhaps the most common cause of damp problems within homes and offices.  It comes from water vapour within the building and common sources of this water include cooking, bathing, showering and dishwashers.  Many modern homes are inadequately ventilated so humidity builds up within the property and then condenses in areas of poor air circulation when the internal house temperature naturally changes throughout the day.

As with penetrating damp, excessive condensation can result in black mould and mildew which is unsightly and can have a negative impact on your health especially for those who suffer from asthma and/or allergies.

Black mould removal in Carlisle
Reduce condensation problems in Carlisle
Condensation and black mould treatment in Carlisle

There are three main treatments we can provide to remove and prevent the re-occurrence of condensation related damp problems in your property:

  • Ventilation systems
    Positive ventilation systems automatically and gently force air from the loft around the other areas of a building.  This serves to decrease humidity and eliminates the re-occurrence of black mould and mildew problems in your home.  Where required, the system can be fitted with a safety heater which will warm the air if necessary.  This solution can be a cost effective way to improve the air quality within your home by removing a number of airborne pollutants, whilst preventing the re-occurrence of black mould once it has been removed.
  • Wall vents
    Wall vents offer a way to allow water to escape from your property but prevent it from entering by use of a permeable membrane.  Due to the differences between internal and external temperatures, water vapour is able to pass to the outside whilst resisting fast air movement and preventing heat from escaping.
  • Sub-floor ventilation
    With many properties being built on a suspended wooden floor, the lack of air movement in the void below the floorboards can leave stagnant and humid air, allowing moisture build up which may then condense on brick and woodwork.  Over time, this excess moisture can allow the woodwork to rot from below.  To remedy this type of damp problem, airbricks are installed to allow air to flow freely between the inside and outside of your property.  Care is required in the longer term to ensure that these airbricks do not become blocked by external debris or if in cavity walls, that insulation or rubble does not block the airbricks from the inside of your walls.
Condensation Control Options

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